Sunday, April 4, 2010

City of Thornz Wants You!

Down and Out has resurfaced from its long sleep and mistakenly heralded demise, and is now back to get shit together most particularly in the Davao City Hardcore scene. As what this blog’s original architect aspired in his grand design, the new set of moderators will carry on the same ideals and that is to strengthen City of Thornz Hardcore, and make it a prominent hardcore scene not only in the Philippines but also in the four corners of the planet.

What to expect

Since there are new moderators, fans and friends should expect different writing blurbs and styles. Reviews, reports, scenester interviews; and social, political or emotional rants will still be staple and supple nourishment for the inquisitive and progressive of minds. What is to expect as an additional offering on the table are contributors of shapes and sizes, from different scenes within and out Davao City to help in with the literature and the visual delights. We like to take the opportunity to address all of those concerned that Down and Out is no longer a one man show, it now involves the whole scene, and that means YOU!

We want you

We are looking for young (by age or by choice), energetic and passionate people who share their love for Hardcore and Punk music, culture and lifestyle to get involved, regardless of residence. This is your chance to make something out of your everyday and normal 9 to 5 life. Get involved in something vast which surpasses the physical barriers of self and geography that of which is brotherhood, and sisterhood for that matter. Share relevant information and insights about anything that is hardcore, punk, love, anarchy, non-conformity, inspiration and life in general.

How to make shit happen

Leave your e-mail on the message box if you have something to impart the hoards of kids that need inspiration or just want to be a smart ass. One of the moderators should reply to check your article, edit if it need be and soon enough, you can see your contribution posted on this very blog. It’s that fuckin’ simple.

A word of advice, because this is an organic and positive site, the moderators hold the right to scrutinize and decide the fate of hate-mails and post.

We have to put all our hands in to make not only the Davao City but the whole of Mindanao Hardcore scene make a noise in the international arena.

See you all at the pit!

Stay positive, stay nice.

P.S. I'll leave you with a gold find.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Only The Strong Survive (Hardcore Punk Fest) - A Gig Report

This gig review is awfully late, but as they say, better later than sorry. With some minor glitches and of course the usual monetary hanky-panky, the Only The Strong Survive – Hardcore Punk Fest last March 20, 2010 was an overall success. Scores of bands, from within the city and nearby came in attendance for the much awaited comeback gig after 3 months of COT's momentary hiatus. Yes! City of Thornz Hardcore is here to stay!

The anticipation was suddenly greeted with the usual air of pinoy punctuality – as it is relevant to almost all scenes in the Phil. – it was past 7:00pm and there were no complete bands in sight; only a handful loyal scenesters who made sure that the instruments, particularly the drums, sound near to what it should sound like. As the crowd outside the venue was piling up and after a long time of waiting and waiting for the first lined-up band to show up complete for the gig to start, the organizers were confronted by a problem long believed to have halted existence; there wasn't an on-stage guitar! But this problem was quickly resolved by the dashing and deceptively astute organizers, and after having found the much needed instrument the show finally STARTED!

Disclaimer : The reporter's capacity for storing and retrieving information is not that adept, and sincerely apologizes to those bands whose name he has forgotten, or even fail to mention for that matter. No worries though because, if the names of your bands should come up in his mental plate any time soon, shall be included on the succeeding posts! And the bands appearing on the review might not be in the order as they have appeared on that fine night.

The first band, hmmmm, whose name didn't really register, played covers of notable and singable punk rock tunes which was all that it takes to get their crowd of mohawked and spiked crowd outside to start into a frenzy.

This is were the funky memory starts to take its toll, so the bands appearing from here on, are not necessarily in correct order.

It does not take a genius to guess what Kami Oi's delivery of the night. Even though they were nicely dressed for the occasion, kinda reminds you of your niece's christening day, with their long sleeves and suspenders, they haven't really given justice to the songs they were playing. Carrying a lyric sheet on stage for a cover song does not really appeal to me.

Pains, Logs and Diaries from Kidapawan City played some intense progressive brand of hardcore, with emo-ish guitar blends, fast parts, some beatdowns here and there. What I personally like about this band is that they can craftily add their dub breakdowns after the brash of heavy parts.

Direct from General Santos City is the .50 caliber which delivers heavy pounding metal-hardcore packed with grinding blast beats, beatdowns and slow moving sludge that draw the first blood of mad pit hysteria. If there is a prize for the overall most hardcore outfit of the night, these guys can snatch it without much of an effort.
One of Davao City's prime bands played in your face hardcore, Iron Will, throwing a dash of metal overtones with fast and crazy adrenaline filled fast parts to spew some intense circle pits of the night.

Another of COT's finest to have played for the night is Caitlyn Bailey. It seem a coincidence that their changing drummer has to do with their change of musical style. Regardless, dare I not say Math, but it's it's all math to me. They have refined they brand of progressive style of hardcore to exhaustion throwing in some crust-core parts in the i-got-lost-in-the-count speed.

COT's beatdown kings, Roundhead, played a furious set with what else – no holds barred chugga-chugging. The crowd jostled in for another round of ground and pound slam pit frenzy.

Straight from Polomolok City is Sacrifix. Delivering their angst filled spite of grueling heavy hardcore, reminiscent of early Earth Crisis.

Hmmmm. This band from Panabo City brought in some sick hardcore a-la Blood for Blood. At this time cardiovascular deficiency set in and most were exhausted to their seats enjoying some blatant music away from the pit.

Anxiety to Hysteria played their usual hymns of brutal 90's hardcore but has not really inspired the activity on the pit. This mainly because of starting their set with post-metallish and sluggishly dragging experiment, whose somber energy resonated through-out their set.

Last but not the least is hmmmm, another band whose name I forgot, but good friend, and can be considered fossils of Davao City Hardcore. They played Hatebreed and Earth Crisis inspired spews which didn't turn out too well on the consideration that they may have had more of their alcoholic fix for the night.

Well, that's it for this late and lengthy report. Hope to see you guys this April for another brawl at the pit!! City of Thornz Hardcore Represent!!

Til next time! Stay Positive!

Photos courtesy of Chay and Fae

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

catching up

No shows for a while huh, Well don’t worry we will set up a show this October. As of now I heard a lot of bands quite busy with the upcoming end of semester but the next show is on the works and definitely would be a blast being that we haven’t had one for a while..

Some good reads that I happen to read already but haven’t had the time to review it, again as I said if you are interested you could always borrow and re print my copies of zines that I featured here. Interest in zines lately here in the local diy community in dc is quite at a low point, unlike before as I could remember we would save our cigarette or recess money for school to pay for “Xerox” copies of zines ,both local and international. And it’s so fucking great, punk rock opened up a lot to me but when i read my first fanzine I was astounded. It opened up a whole new world to me and said this is how I want to write! It was even a local one, but man I remember the cut and paste art and remarkable article and views of everything I love and hated. Honestly straightforward, and brutally truthful. Unlike the books I read in school or magazines that my cousin have which doesn’t really say anything that meant to me. Best abour zines also is its all done for the love of it, totally nonprofit. You even tend to loose more than what you would earn but still the hell with it! Im writing this because I and a friend from the THINKING PERSONS LIBRARY here in Davao, is planning to make a zine convention or gathering or what ever the fuck you call it, just something to promote and reawaken a dying culture in Davao. So stay posted ayt? Again a show on October and a zine convention sometime after that!!

I remember Halloween 3rd issue

Got this from the writer it self Mr. Dane Cortes, and again always a winner. A japans inspired cover along with a lot of japans stuffs like interviews with Jap bands Completed Exposition, Dudman, Dread Eye and a Japan scene report. But as he said is not necessarily called a Japan issue coz it also features interview crux interview, an aussie hardcore punk outfit. AxNxS ,a straight edge thrashcore band is also interviewed along with local heroes Bystorm. And if it’s still not enough, tons of music and zine reviews and a Holland and Malaysia scene report! Extremely a lot in 1 package, and as always with all the IRH issues, its flawless!! Great lay out, great questions and a great effort!! Galling….keep it up!!
spinach lasagna from sbarros.great food , looking forward to make myself one.

ASAWHOLE would be playing a benefit show for the flood victims in luzon, this would be on Friday at 6pm to 9 pm at the Victory Chapel ( nice venue huh) as long as it is for a good cause…….

Be there and support the show or at least the cause, I think there is no entrance fee but donations such as rice, canned foods and noodles would be greatly appreciated.. so I guess that’s it! see you then..ciao
Currently listening to a lot of Verse, Killing the Dream, Blacklisted, Up Dharma Down (yes so what)

Monday, September 28, 2009


The thought of being alone haunts us except maybe for some, as for me I want to experience it and it was pretty much what I did the time I was gone. The idea of goodbye disturbs me a lot. Mainly because I hate it and attachment is always so hard to break. Now question is how much people would you lose in a life time? I am in a stage of constant departure and all I get is a nod, Not that it’s not enough but don’t we miss the physical communication? Why is it more normal to say good morning in text messages rather than saying it right in front. He he exactly! That’s what I love about Hc shows that I don’t see in the street or at school or at home. In celebration of living I go to shows and organize some, sing in a band, write, travel and breathe. Time for our community to grow, and grow with us! Not to grow out of. Let’s keep this real and intimate. It saddens me to see friends from this community that are so cool that they suddenly have to play in shows that has corporate sponsorship where in they could be all that the status quo wants them to be, how long would it take you to understand that your words are not becoming dependable rather SELLable. Don’t get me wrong friends, there is nothing wrong with making an honest money out of playing shows but its sad to jump to the point were in you play your music to promote products or even names that is owned by people who don’t give a shit about you and your music and what your music has to say for that matter. This corporation has nothing in mind but to earn money and use every little resource they have to turn everything into profit. This is sad to think that generations before us that had been there to create a circle that for ones, never cared about how much money they are going to get. They would rather have a room of people gathered to create a voice that connects every single breathing human there is inside. It’s a chaotic approach to reality but it is REAL! You cannot hide the fact that the glass house of humanity that hides between proper and correct have failed to let us experience our lives first hand. We are the machinery of civilization aiming to prosper the luxurious world of the elite while we forget to play just to buy the cell phone we need to fit in and not get left behind, Classism justified! There is a marathon of technology that we will never win. But still humanity had been dumb and thinking for yourself had become radical and grass rooted. But still we play the game and we should play it right, coz we have a choice. This is not the choice you see between brand A or B but the choice of not choosing between the 2! The choice of living life and choking it with your own fist, not the choice you get in an election were you choose between elite suited jerks to rule you, that’s not a choice. It’s a cheap delusion of choice, role playing to tell you that the system works for you, well its not and it doesn’t and it will never will. In the books of human race we are NOTHING but numbers and statistics! So please let’s enjoy this community while it is still real, speak up and do something!! Live life, write a song, cut a class or simply cover your ears. Its real and intimate, think for your own and love life, coz if you don’t have a life to live, well you aint got love to give.
Keep hardcore away from greedy corporate business man and wanna be actors and keep it on the streets where it belongs!!
You don’t get it and buy it, you live it…….

Sunday, September 6, 2009


i got to scan this old article i did a year ago,but still worth reading hehe
judt something to "update".. update this tomorrow!!!

Just last month i visited MAnila. Pretty excited to see long time friends, buy some shit that we dont have here in Mindanao like some lokal UG cds some cheap stuffs
and sweet papers. The last time I went there was 2 years ago. We went there through hitch hiking (yeah I know. its so punk rock!) That 3 day journey riding at least 20 different cargo trucks, 3 days of striking heat and cold nights
.so pretty much prepared to get to MANILA. But this December we rode a plane. So the changes were too soon. Like an hour and 45 min kind of soon. As I walk around Quiapo and other rural places I had a complete apparition of what poverty is. Don’t get me wrong, we are not rich but what I saw in Manila is a disturbing and sad portrait of a rotten society. And I know that sooner or later other places in my home town would also be reminiscent of that. And it scared the shit out of me.....
Visions like this only hardened my question about poverty; living in a 3rd world country must have at least shaken your senses about the question of where we are actually headed. Marketed society of unfulfilled dreams is usual scenery. Best export products of people had left us dumbfounded because the idea and eagerness to earn. Earning not to make our lives easier but rather, just to have enough money to buy the rice that we need for the day. Its surely is a long road out to prosperity.

Roughly 4.7 million Filipino families, comprising about 41% of the population, currently have annual incomes below the poverty line. That cut point is set at something around a dollar per person per day. Smaller than uncle sams nephews school allowance in 3rd grade... This makes us more valid to work for anything. Whether it’s hard or degrading, we oddly forget it. Which is pretty devastating coz we got the man power, we got the resources and we got the needs but we aint got the economic wealth.
There is tremendous geographic variation, ranging from 8% of the population in Metro Manila to 60% in some of the Muslim areas of Mindanao, from 11.6% in the province of Cavite to 79.5% in the province of Romblon.
We're not just talking about absolute poverty here; we're talking about relative poverty - and structural inequality. The bottom 40% of families account for only 13.7% of total family income, while the top 10% account for 35.5%. In economic lingo, the country has a Gini coefficient of 0.4507, which represents a high level of inequality indeed.
When discussing poverty in developing countries, it is essential to avoid the many pervasive stereotypes - the poor are lazy, the poor don't take advantage of opportunities, they just don't care, and on and on But the question is what do we have left? Are we still really so numbingly innocent to think that if we just try our best we will also be at the top. NO!! We will be working for all of this elites or capitalist monsters for the rest of our lives. Maybe we could save a bit but sooner or later the pattern or cycle of a world provided for them will bite you in the neck. One of us will get sick, be in an accident of some sort and will all go back to zero and come running back to them which are unfair because this elite empowered people are unsurprisingly the minority. The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the poorest 48 nations (i.e. a quarter of the world’s countries) is less than the wealth of the world’s three richest people combined. And 20% of the population in the developed nations consumes 86% of the world’s goods and resources. This situation could also be compared to the rural places also in the Philippine provinces. In Negros Occidental, for example, over 85% of the people live below the poverty line. Most available land is devoted to sugar cane, which is not competitive on the global market and is often sold at very low price in the world market. Not to mention the wage payments which are abysmal and sharecropping is a brutal display of exploitation. Of course large “hacendero” families still own most of the lands. Land reform has obviously no hope for implementation. CHILDREN are starving to death!!!
This process actually is nothing new. As a matter of fact Globalization has been around Pinas for centuries. The famous explorer Mr. Magellan and his posse sponsored by the Spanish crew landed in Cebu, particularly Mactan for 2 main agenda. He saw our islands riches and sieze to colonize it to have easy income and easy wealth and to bless and evangelized the natives with the holy graces of Christianity with the one and only true faith of their catholic church. And the seed of present day situation was then planted. Not to mention (fast forward 3 centuries) when Admiral Dewey steamed into Manila Bay. About 80% of land in the Philippines was in the public domain. since then Filipino politicians was the one who determines how our land was to be exploited and by whom. Those few who has the right connections got the timbers and mining rights. This is our resources, Mother Nature at its best and yet the Philippine state has always encouraged the extraction of this resources. Even leasing large areas for exploitation at nominal fees and ensuring zero export taxes. Such depressive acts are done in exchange of free access or quotas in Uncle Sam’s market.
Also one example of this was x President Ramos administration, he lessen the restrictions on foreign investment by giving incentive bonanzas. Investors were given a 10-year tax holiday, capital tax exemptions and a lot more that I don’t know anymore.
The consequences of these land use policies have not been pretty. You could start by mentioning the ongoing marginalization of indigenous peoples, tremendous concentration of land ownership, and environmental degradation. The net result? Perpetuation of the semi-feudal, semi-capitalist, and neocolonial character of the Philippine economy and mass displacement of indigenous communities and upland farmers.
Then many of us end up in squatter areas.

To be continued


Monday, August 31, 2009

zines zines zines


I st issue of many to come I hope, a fanzine dedicated to hardcore and straight edge. I got a copy of it from the maker itself, DAN whom I met while touring Laguna. Well I must say that this is a great job. A lot of show reviews; I think it’s pretty consistent. Looks like our man right here never failed to come to a lot of shows. With interviews of my local favorite acts BYSTORM and HTB! And also with a SxE band from Boston called THE EFFORT. An article about 7’vinyls and an obvious liking for football, a good zine but I must say that I need more. I finished it in one sitting and hungry for more!! Great job bro, keep it up…looking forward for issue number 2..

Contact TIGHT END @


A nice full format zine, another of his many from GRANPELIGROZINE, according to him “this project is one of those tiny particles floating out of my mind at some stage of recurrent daydreams” . a small issue with 2 interviews, With ASAWHOLE and RADIKAL PRIMATES ( a long running diy zine which I’m so eager to get a copy of) . another great job KJ!!

Im handing out copies of this so if your interested just hit me up ok?

Contact kj :



a pan of baked vegie macaroni with 3 cheese

Well its been a while. I’m sorry if I haven’t updated this as often as I used too. My head has been up to a lot of shit and also been quite disappointed with some stuffs.. Asawhole is supposed to be in a Euro tour and everything has been ok. The paper was done, the shows were booked and we were all set for a chance of a lifetime. The impossible had appeared it self and thinking it was ok. A year of preparation is ended by a 5 minute interview, DENIED! It sucks but life goes on. Reapplication next year! Enough of that..

with t4 crew outside our house

The activities of the past weeks had been an overload. From the AAW Luzon tour to the Luzon people coming over. I myself could say that I was privileged to witness a lot of great bands, meet a lot of people and learn a lot of stuffs. By now I guess it safe to say that in the midst of all this shit I had been enjoying Pinas diy hardcore, at its finest!

with good friend sak of roundhead and iron will

You could see a lot of enthusiasm and passion in every people that you meet and you can’t help but be inspired. A lot of talented song writers, zine makers, organizers that are all up to make a change maybe not in the world but in their lives and the community they are living in. none the less awesome!! Well I got a hand of a lot of new and cool shit so maybe I could share it with you in the coming issues so watch out!!

chain of strength inspired staid shirt

list of good stuffs that makes/made me smile

-ASAWHOLE full length cd (out very soon!)

-STAID and HTB demos samplers

- Goerge Carlin tribute cd ( a collection of performance and interviews of the person who I think is the most intelligent comedian and person who ever lived ,in my own opinion)

-I.R.H issue 3 , Tight End issue 1 and Gran Peligro ( with interview of Asawhole by the way. If you’re interested I still got some copy to pass around)

-Pizza eating frenzy with Bystorm

-krings despedida party (this is how cot do it)

-Carlyn’s steaks (great food great service, big meat)

- HTB’s An exercise in free will –

“we were given a mind, lets use it and question why! TAKE CONTROL of your reason for living , UTILIZE the mind you’ve been given TAKE CONTROL make your own choices UTILIZE your mind and say, I WONT BE YOUR MACHINE!”

More to follow from now on I promise, vacations back!!!